Saturday, July 21, 2007

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Four Shades of Nursing Life

I know this is a bit "off" from what I usually post here in my space. It's just that, I'm at the heat of the moment with the loads of requirements and stuff that I have right now. And to match the pressure, I did this; so as to encourage myself to be strong and continue with this kind of life. Sabi nga Nursing, "Hindi ka lang pumili ng kursong kukunin mo. Kundi, pinili mo na rin kung anong buhay ang papasukin mo".

To tell you frankly, nursing wasn't really my first choice to begin with. I really despised it from the very thought of me putting and indulging myself into it. Heck, I even cried buckets wanting to get out of too much pressure from 'choosing the right course'. Well, that was a few years ago!

Fast forward to the present (two years later), who would've thought that I'd be loving this whole nursing thingy rin pala? After two fruitful years of community and hospital exposures, I've come to the point of realization that nursing really is for me; and I'll do everything it takes to finish this! Nandito na ako eh, so wala na akong magagawa kundi gawin kung ano ang tama...and that's to finish what I have started.

Being Toxic...
Having Fun...
Fulfilling Dreams...
Touching Lives.

The Four Shades of Nursing Life = MY LIFE.

And I'm loving every bit of it. Ü

[Lotsa thanks to my friend Margarette for photographing my kahibangans up there.]
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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ang Baybay.

This is Puerto Princesa's answer to Manila's baywalk. But the comparison doesn't mean it's as extravagant and explosive as how we know "the baywalk". I mean, it's not that developed yet. All you can see around the vicinity are a few sidewalk vendors, a bicycle rental stall, some benches, and about twenty light posts. And that's what I like about's simplicity. But ummm, there's just one thing about the place that really really bothers me: the smell. If you think your olfactory nerves would get their fair share of the "fresh sea breeze aroma" (basta yung mga ganun), then you're wrong. When you're in Puerto Princesa's Baybay, you might go, "Ooooh! Something smells fishy around here." And I mean that...literally.

Anyhoo, here are four shots that I snapped away with a friend's camera phone (Thanks Makko!) while I was there...


It Floats.
"It Floats."


A Bit Enlightened
"A Bit Enlightened"

[I "film grained" 'em with Picasa.]


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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Iwahig" Photo Series

Last week, I was out with some high school friends for a simple get-together activity. Since it's already summer, we went swimming at the Balsahan River - a most appropriate hideout for those who want to get away from the sticky feeling that beaches give - situated within the boundaries of Barangay Iwahig, Puerto Princesa City, and home of the famous "Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm". To give you a little background about the place...
"The Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm was established by the Americans in 1904 to supply food to other prisons all over the country. The colony encompasses a 37-hectare farm planted to coconuts, trees, rice and other crops cultivated by the prisoners and their families. Iwahig is operated like a farm, rather than a prison where prisoners toil their farms unguarded. They are allowed to earn an income by working in the many shops that produce various handicrafts derived from discarded wood."

-Department of Tourism
Now for the main course of this post, here are the four shots that I came up with while we were inside Iwahig...

[Unfortunately, I was not able to take a photo of the river for I was busy spending time with my friends. I only had the chance to click away on our way out, which explains why all of my subjects were dry. Haha! By the way, I used my friend's Sony Ericsson K700i phone (It's a bit grainy, but still passable enough for a camera phone. Thank you Dawn for letting me use it!) for I had to bring my Canon to the repair shop 'coz it developed some scan lines and stuff, and I cannot fix it by myself. Okay now, so much for all the hoopla! Here are the photos...]


To The Right

"To The Right"

I love the mixture of colors in this photo. It's very country-ish. Not to mention, the cow was very cooperative! Haha! The only thing that I don't like is that brown thingy at the lower right corner. Curious about what that is? Well, daliri ko lang naman yun na nakaharang sa lens. Panira talaga! Hahahaha! Pero okay lang din naman, hindi naman siya ganun ka-eyesore eh.




My friend Ellen used her sarong to drape her face and cover her eyes, nose and mouth from all those icky dust particles. And by using it, she looked very much like a refugee (a person who was forced to leave home). That's why I used "Refugee" as the title. Duh. Haha!


Crazy Tree

"Wacky Tree"

The cab was running so fast when I took this snapshot. I expected it to be like one of those bad trial shots because my hand got wobbly and crazy. But when I looked at the picture, I'd have to say that the wobbliness and the craziness helped contribute to make for a nice effect.




I posted this last because its is my personal favorite among the four shots. Ika nga nila, SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST! Haha! I liked how detailed the tree's silhouette was, and how the sun's center turned out as black which gave the photo a weird, but nice ecliptic feel to it. Ooooohhh...


And that's what I have in my life to share to all of you for now. Until next time! Toodles!

"If you're lucky enough to have something magical happening in front of your camera, don't let it go. Keep shooting until the light fades, the magic evaporates or you or your subject have to leave."
-Steve Simon

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Flower Pool

Flower Pool

What if one really big pool gets to be filled with lots and lots of flowers? That would be so colorful, nice looking, and fragrant...just like heaven. Wait, ano nga bang kulay, itsura, at amoy ng heaven? Hindi ko din alam. Pwede mag-sorry? Haha!


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Monday, April 2, 2007



"Daybreak" means at the beginning of the day, or when the sun starts to go out para magsabog ng liwanag sa buong mundo. Kaya nga "daybreak" eh. But contrary to its title, this photo was shot at around 6:30 pm/sunset of Ash Wednesday. Anyhoo, I reeaaallly don't care about how the title connects with the long as it looks like daybreak, therefore I named it "Daybreak". That's Hollywood! Haha!


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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

She Loves Dogs.

She Loves Dogs.

Nice little girl. Cute dogs. Very expressive. Love this shot.


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